Your Poodle Puppy

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Your puppy will come to you fully up to date on his or her puppy shots, which are given at about five, seven and eleven weeks. They will have been on a de-worming schedule and a health certificate of all vaccines and de-worming doses given will be provided for you to give to your Veterinarian.

They will need their first rabies vaccine between thirteen weeks and six months of age. We recommend neutering and spaying prior to six months or as your Veterinarian states. We also recommend you start your puppy on heart worm preventative by five months of age.

All Smith Standard Poodles are clinically examined by our Veterinarian before leaving us unless an exception is made and you are made aware of it, however, we highly recommend you take your puppy to your own Veterinarian soon after they arrive.

Our Veterinarian examines their ears, eyes, teeth bite, heart, lungs, lymph nodes, range of motion in all joints, overall bone structure, condition of skin, coat, general health and a fecal exam is done.