Parti Standard Poodles For Sale

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Over Twenty Years of Breeding Standard Poodles!

Standard Poodles come in many colors. Although the Parti Standard Poodles have become very popular, Phantom Standard Poodles and Solid Colored Standard Poodles are also a great choice of many customers. Our Silver, Chocolate, Red, Apricot and Black Standard Poodle Puppies over a white base are the choices in Parti Colors. Also the Full Tuxedo and Irish Tuxedo Parti Standard Poodle Color Markings that are somewhat rare are the desired choice of some. The full Tuxedo is a solid blanket back from the top of the shoulders to the base of the tail where the Irish Tuxedo is a saddle back from the base of the shoulders to the flanks or hips. Many prefer the contrast given by both white and the another color giving somewhat more flash effect. Color in itself has nothing to do with temperaments, intelligence, conformation or any other characteristic. It’s simply just color and to us there’s just not a bad color. We love them all.

*All puppies sold with limited AKC registration! * We reserve the right to refuse sales to anyone!

taylor female parti poodle

SOLD! What a Girl!

tina parti poodle

SOLD! A Real Lady!

garth male parti poodle

SOLD! Awesome Male!

gretchen female parti poodle

SOLD! Annette * Dearborn, MI Awesome! Silver/Blk Female!

heidi female parti poodle

SOLD! Female

logan male parti poodle

SOLD! Male

ella female parti poodle

SOLD! Female

minnie female parti poodle

SOLD! Anita Shower, Gover Beach,

miss tux parti poodle

Sold! Gail Chase, Glenwood, IA

abby female parti poodle

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Our proven breeding program is producing all the color choices available.

We have three pages to see puppy photos which include:

  1. Parti Colors
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