House Training

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All Smith Standard Poodle puppies go to their new homes Doggie-Door trained. If you have a doggie door, in most cases you will have a puppy already house-trained depending on the door’s accessibility and you having made sure the puppy is well acclimated to its location and accessibility. It may take a little getting used to for them but they will quickly adapt.

If you don’t have a doggie door, then there’s some adjustments for your puppy to learn. Here are some tips; first, be very consistent and focused for just a few days and you will have house-training accomplished very quickly. If you’re too busy to really watch and focus on getting your puppy trained, then you will have more difficulty and it will take longer to house train your puppy. Always take them to the same door and out to the same spot to potty. Always take them out first thing every morning (pick up their food and water every night by 7 PM until they are fully trained). Take them out after every nap and at least every two hours, if possible. Also, take them out about 15 minutes after you see or hear them eat or drink a fair amount of water and/or food. Be consistent!

Some have tied a string or ribbon with a bell on the end of it to the door knob of the door and every time they take them out, they ring it with their paw and soon they will ring the bell on their own when they want out. It works!

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