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Hello everyone, welcome to the home of Smith Standard Poodles.

You are all invited to come visit us and tour our facility, just call and schedule a time! We will accommodate you in every way that we can.

For those of you who are not able to come, we thought we would post a few pictures of our facility for you. The first stop, for most visitors is our nice clean restroom located just to the right when you come into our office. Then we sit down with you to get acquainted and talk about Standard Poodles. From our office you will go thru the door to our Grooming room (our own groomer is just finishing up with a son of Mo Bandy on one of our grooming tables). We groom all of our own adult Standard Poodles and their babies right here on site and we keep them groomed at all times. Standard Poodles need groomed every 4 to 6 weeks to keep them looking nice. Almost anyone can learn to groom their Standard Poodle. (Ask us about it).

AKC Standard Poodle Breeding facility
Standard Poodle Breeder facility
smith standard poodles grooming room

From the grooming room you will go into our bathing facility. Here we use professional bathing equipment which tenderly, however very effectively, penetrates the coat of hair all the way to the skin, thoroughly cleaning the coat before grooming. We use a variety of great smelling shampoos and conditioners (to the right Rachel is getting ready to give a puppy it’s bath). We bathe all of our male Standard Poodle and female Standard Poodle puppies weekly starting at four weeks of age, so they are accustomed to baths when you get them. Here, we also have our laundry area. Our laundry equipment stays quite busy, washing and drying all the towels, cloths, whelping pads and everything else that needs it.

From here you can visit our state-of-the-art whelping room. We have nine whelping and/or puppy rooms where puppies are born, nursed and weaned. All of our facilities are well insulated, air-conditioned, heated and have soft music playing around the clock. Each room in our whelping facility has a doggie door leading to large outdoor runs that are lined with pea-gravel for easy cleanup. Our mothers doggie-door-train their puppies for you. So, when you get them, they already know to go outside to use the bathroom. Here at Smith Poodles, socialization of our Standard Poodles and their puppies is very important to both us and their new owners. They get lots of exercise and love from everyone here. Our grandkids live just down the road. They have done a great job, introducing our puppies to children.

smith standard poodles bathing facility
smith standard poodles whelping facility
smith standard poodles kennel facility

Our big kennel is also a-state-of-the-art facility where our Standard Poodle Sires and Dams live when they are not in the Whelping Room. Here, like every other place at Smith Poodles, cleanliness is of utmost importance for the health and well being of our Standard Poodle Family. Each room has a doggie door leading to shaded outdoor runs that are 100 feet in length providing lots of room for exercise and play. This is why our birthing is all natural and C- Sections are essentially eliminated. Healthy Standard Poodles in great shape rarely have difficulty birthing. We clean their feed and water containers and provide them with fresh food and clean water daily. We also have private areas for our selective breeding.

Come see us!
Mick & Ann