Standard Poodle Breeder

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We are passionate about raising our Standard Poodles & have spent many years gaining experience to better our program. Let us help you add the right poodle puppy to your family.

Standard Poodles & Standard Poodle Puppies for Sale

Professional Standard Poodle Breeders adhere to quality standards which have been our specialty for years. We are dedicated to breeding high-quality AKC Standard Poodles. Our breeding goals include health, intelligence, temperament, conformation, uniformity, and beauty. Our breeding facility is located in a nice secluded, wooded area about 15 minutes from Little Rock, Arkansas airport where Smith Standard Poodles have plenty of room for exercise, and ample time for socializing with each other. We socialize them also with adults and children.

Standard Poodle Breeder

Every single one of our pups for sale come with a two-year guarantee. All our pups are birthed from quality, health certified Standard mothers and fathers. We strategically breed our dogs to enhance genetic strengths and subvert undesirable traits including common health problems within the breed. Our puppies come to you well socialize and absolutely doggie door trained. Our Standard Poodles have now found homes in every state in the US, and in fifteen other countries.

Standard Poodle Puppies for Sale – Parti & Phantom

We are producing excellent quality Poodles in a variety of beautiful colors and patterns. These colors and patterns include Parti, Brindle, and Phantom Standard Poodles. Let us know if we can help you with your Poodle pondering, or with any questions, you may have about our beautiful dogs. We have years of experience, and the willingness to share. Email or call us between 8 AM and 10 PM CST, or schedule a visit today!

2 Phantom Standard Poodles