Phantom Standard Poodle Puppies For Sale

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Over Twenty Years of Breeding Standard Poodles!

All are AKC Standard Poodles – We are a Quality Standard Poodle Breeder!

Standard Phantom Poodles are distinctively marked! They are a combination of any two colors, one darker and one lighter. The lighter color is over the eyes, on both sides of the face, under the ears and tail, across the chest and on all four lower legs. Brindles are mainly one color with a lighter or darker color brindled in their coat and can even be tiger striped. Phantoms and Brindles are not Parti. You can’t produce Phantoms or Brindles by just breeding to a Parti or vice-versa. These Multi-colored Standard Poodles are very unique and have become very popular. Standard Poodles originally were mostly Parti, Phantom & Brindle colors. Solid colors were rare! Americans in the New England States imported Solid colors from Germany and produced the Solid colors in America by restricting any other color than Solid in confirmation shows. For many years it became a wive’s tale that the multi-colors were a fault. Of course that was far from true since they were the original colors! Our proven breeding program is producing all the color choices available. We have three pages of our puppies available which include; 1. Solid Colors 2. Parti Colors and 3. Phantoms & Brindle Colors.

All puppies sold with limited AKC registration!

*Full AKC registration possible to qualified professional breeders we approve of! * We reserve the right to refuse sales to anyone!

hershey Phantom Standard Poodle

SOLD! Jill Ranoia, Spring City, PA. Beautiful Chocolate/Apricot Phantom Male! Proven Bloodline! Calm temperament! High Intelligence! 5 mo.

deisel Phantom Standard Poodle

SOLD! M. Fleming, Memphis, TN Beautiful Chocolate/Apricot Phantom Male! Proven Bloodline! Calm temperament! High Intelligence! 501-425-9842

chloe Phantom Standard Poodle

SOLD! Beautiful Chocolate/Apricot Phantom Female! Proven Bloodline! Calm temperament! High Intelligence! 501-425-9842

jenny Phantom Standard Poodle

SOLD! Ricky for Julie * Glenora, LA. Sweet Black Phantom Female. Love her! Doggie-Door Trained! This girl is just outstanding in every way!! Super bright and attentive! She’s a doll!

jill Phantom Standard Poodle

SOLD! Cozy/Prince Female!

sam Phantom Standard Poodle

SOLD! Lynnell Wheat * Thelan, Calif. Beautiful Black/Tan Phantom Male from Sadie/Prince