Male Standard Poodles

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Over Twenty Years of Breeding Standard Poodles!

We are genetic breeders of Outstanding quality Standard Poodles. The Breed of Excellence!

To Produce all the colors, it takes as many Sires as it does Dams to prevent inbreeding when keeping females back to place back in the breeding program. On this page, you will find our Male Standard Poodles that help us produce the beautiful array of colors in our pups.

In the beginning or before Standard Poodles were imported to the U.S. they were multi-colored. When American Breeders began to breed them, the solid colors were popular and they attempted with a great measure of success to breed only for solid colors, however, the multi-colors continued to crop out. When AKC picked up the breed, the standard for Dog shows only included Solid colors, however, all colors are approved for registration. The United Kennel Club (a very reputable and older registry than AKC), has included all colors of Standard Poodles to their show ring. A Black & White Parti Male Standard Poodle won “Best of Show” in their ‘2004 National show! Today the “Multi-Colors” are very popular and in high demand. We have found that these Multi-colored beauties are just as awesome in temperaments and intelligence as the Solid Colors. The only difference is color. We are passionately producing the very best Parti, Brindle, Phantom & Solid colored Standard Poodles we possibly can and continually seek to improve the breed. All our puppies are clinically examined and health guaranteed. Feel free to call us with any questions you may have!

max Male Standard Poodle

“Max” – Black/White Tuxedo Parti Male! Producing Beautiful Offspring with super great temperaments!

preston jr Male Standard Poodle

Preston II _ He is awesome just like his dad. He is throwing awesome pups that people are raving about!

kingston Male Standard Poodle

Kingston is an awesome Sire! He’s out of Mo Bandy’s bloodline. He throws both black/white and chocolate/white Parti pups.

prince Male Standard Poodle

Both Phantom & Parti Factored back to Mo Bandy & Hank (Super bloodlines)! He’s a super sire throwing outstanding pups!

rahm Male Standard Poodle

“Rham” Super Nice Male! producing excellent offspring with outstanding traits just like himself!

jake Male Standard Poodle

Jake-Son of Hank. Beautiful Phantom reproducing the wonderful genetics of his father! Outstanding Temperament!!

river Male Standard Poodle

“Red River” Outstanding Male from Braron & Ginger (exceptional, proven bloodlines)! Watch for his puppies!

ace Male Standard Poodle

Gorgeous Sire with excellent calm temperament! He highly intelligent, well balanced, very attentive and super affectionate!

Males of the Past

brandy Male Standard Poodle

“MO BANDY” Black/White Parti Sire – Retired- He has reproduced himself in everything we bred him to. Outstanding Temperament, Confirmation, Intelligence, Health & Beauty Now retired and Magic (his son – above) is doing the same! One of our Outstanding Legends!

magic Male Standard Poodle

This is Magic, Son of Mo Bandy! Retired now, but produced puppies that were outstanding in every way! Carried on the outstanding genetics of his father!

edge Male Standard Poodle

“Edge” Dark Gray & White Parti Tuxedo Sire-Retired- He’s certainly the cutting edge on high intelligence and super calm temperaments and put it in his pups!

preston Male Standard Poodle

“Preston” – RETIRED-Chocolate & White Parti Sire – He is throwing puppies like himself! Calm temperaments, well balanced, intelligent and beautiful.

tux Male Standard Poodle

“Tux” Chocolate & White Parti Sire-Retired- He’s a cousin to Mo Bandy and he is throwing wonderful pups. One of our greatest reproducing sires!

hutch Male Standard Poodle

“Hutch” Black & Cream Phantom Sire-Retired- Son of Starsky! Outstanding, well balanced temperament, calm and super intelligent and his pups are replicas him!

hank Male Standard Poodle

Hank throws outstanding offspring! Well balanced, High Intelligent – Top Notch!

Starsky” Chocolate & Apricot Sire

“Starsky” Chocolate & Apricot Sire – Retired Beautiful Standard Phantom Sire Now Retired! A total package! He’s Hutch’s Daddy! (above) Another Truly Outstanding Legends!

Nials” White Sire-Retired

“Nials” White Sire-Retired- What A Great Guy! A Great Reproducer! His pups are super calm, well balanced and highly intelligent!

Baron” Red Sire

“Baron” Red Sire – Nine months old here! A new addition to our breeding program! He’s still a puppy in this photo but he is now producing excellent puppies! Super calm and highly intelligent!

Joey” – Red Sire

“Joey” – Red Sire – We can’t say enough about Joey and I’m sure every one who has his pups will agree! He’s a tremendous reproducer. What a Guy! He’s Tucker’s daddy!

Alladin” (Lad) Son of Magic & Edie. Grandson of Mo Bandy

“Alladin” (Lad) Son of Magic & Edie. Grandson of Mo Bandy! He’s throwing the same quality pups of the Mo Bandy line. Outstanding!