My New Home

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Remember, everything is a totally new environment to your new little (in some cases not so little) family member and there are different reasons they may respond differently. They could have just come off of a long trip and be tired and not be so playful as well as other things that could cause them to take a little time to adapt.

Many will be playful and jovial right away but be patient with them and realize that, however they react, the whole ordeal is still somewhat stressful to their system and usually effects their digestive system a little. It is normal for them to have loose stools (not diarrhea), which should settle down in just a few days. If they were to have diarrhea, we have found that one teaspoon of Kaopectate works great. Don’t give more that one teaspoon the first day and then a second the next day if it continues. If a third dose doesn’t remedy the problem, dehydration is dangerous, so take your puppy to your Veterinarian. However, Kaopectate almost always solves the problem.

We recommend that you give your puppy a tablespoon of plain or vanilla yogurt morning and evening for a week or two after he/she arrives. It’s good bacteria and will help the stress of the abrupt environment change their system is going through. Also abrupt environmental change can cause a loss of appetite and the yogurt is a great appetite stimulant. Just remember that many times we can save you a Veterinarian bill with the things we’ve learned over the years. Just give us a phone call.

See the list provided with your paperwork that gives you our recommendations to follow which will greatly help your puppy to adapt to their new home.